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OASE Design and Build offers a comprehensive service that encompasses consultancies, design development, fabrication and construction in perusal of every detail surrounding the project.


Our Design and build scope of works:


  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Drawings Preparation
  • Fabrication and Manufacturing of Components
  • Site Supervision and Installation Work
  • Testing and Commisioning
  • Maintenance

OASE Fountain Technology and Vijvercentrum Apeldoorn offers you a custom-tailored solution for any requirement. However to achieve the desired effect with a finished water display requires the intensive study of the possibilities we offer in the planning phase, and coming to grips with the technical conditions that you specify.

As a particular emphasis, we make a distinction between:

  • Classic Fountains
  • Artist-designed Fountains and
  • Complete Fountain Units

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Oase Comet 10-12 T
Oase Comet 10-12 T
Oase DMX Easy Control
Oase DMX Easy Control
€1 729.99
Oase DMX-Kabel 1 m
Oase DMX-Kabel  1 m
Oase DMX-Kabel 3 m
Oase DMX-Kabel  3 m
Oase DMX-Kabel 5 m
Oase DMX-Kabel  5 m
Oase DMX-Kabel 10 m
Oase DMX-Kabel 10 m
Oase DMX-Kabel 20 m
Oase DMX-Kabel 20 m
Oase Jumping Jet Rainbow Star
Oase Jumping Jet Rainbow Star
€1 999.00
Oase JumpingJet Rainboe Star uitbreidingsset
Oase JumpingJet Rainboe Star uitbreidingsset
€1 799.00
Oase Junction Box 4/M 32
Oase Junction Box 4/M 32
Oase Varionaut 2
Oase Varionaut 2
€1 629.99
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